Summer Estate Sale Shopping: Our Top 5 Tips


Summer time is the BEST time for estate sale shopping…okay, we have great sales year-round, but warm weather and sunshine really add something special to the usual estate sale treasure hunt!  With a full season of sales on the horizon, we thought we’d share our top 5 tips and tricks for estate sale shopping success. We’re the experts, and we want you to get the very best out of our sales this summer.

Tip #1: Read the listing carefully!


There’s nothing worse than arriving too late to get the item you really had your heart set on. Remember, our sales are first-come-first-served…and the early bird gets the best stuff! We post our sale information on our website AND on, so keep your phone handy and check your info before you head out.

Tip #2: Have fun & be creative…look at items with an eye towards repurposing them!

Old items can be new again with a little creativity!
Old items can be new again with a little creativity!

Look at estate sale items with a creative spirit…that old TV could be the coolest bar ever! Our discount prices make it possible to try your hand at fun DIY projects without breaking the bank. Why not challenge yourself this summer and see what you can make with what you find at our sales?

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to dig for deals!


Often times, the attics and basements in our home will be so full of great stuff that it takes awhile to go through everything…take your time, look around! We have refreshments at every sale to keep you going, so don’t be shy about hanging around, having a cup of coffee and seeing everything our sales have to offer.

Tip#4…Park Smart!


Our sales are commonly held in residential neighborhoods which often have a hard time accommodating a large influx of cars. Always be extremely careful when you park! Don’t block in other cars (please!), and be careful not to block neighboring driveways or mailboxes. Also, if you are parking on a lawn, make sure that it’s not in a muddy area where your vehicle could get stuck. A little care and common sense make all the difference when parking at a sale.

Tip #5…The time to buy it is when you see it!


No regrets, y’all! Our sales are first-come-first-served and the items go fast. If you love it, get it…and if you truly aren’t sure about the price, leave us a bid in our bid box. You might get just the price you are hoping for!

We’ve got sales in Clarksville, Brentwood and Old Hickory this week and we can’t wait to see everyone…we’ve got a ton of great stuff and you’re going to love it! Our retail store, Michael Taylor At Home, is closed for inventory this week but will be open next week with lots of great ideas for Father’s Day gift giving and much more, so plan on coming to see us then.

My best,

Michael Taylor & Company


The Michael Taylor Co. Difference: Quality Staff, Quality Training



As Nashville’s leading estate and moving sale company, we take pride in setting the standard for liquidation sales here in Tennessee, and have for almost a decade. Our customers expect well-organized sales, professional workers, policies that benefit the client and customer alike, and a welcoming atmosphere.

We know that it is of the utmost importance to our clients that they receive the highest value for their estate items.  To ensure that our workers know what to look for, we hold in-house training sessions, conducted by Michael himself, in which workers learn how to research and accurately price items for the resale market.

IMG_6720 (1)
Michael teaches our staff to accurately price and value items in every sale.

This tradition of training sets the Michael Taylor Company apart from our competition in the estate and moving sale market. We also carefully screen our workers, making sure to conduct through background checks. Many of our workers have been with the company for years, and we have a strong culture of teamwork. Our clients can feel confident that their homes are in good hands with our company, and we work to ensure that our professional standards are met with every sale.

Raise your hand if you love estate and moving sales!
Raise your hands if you love estate and moving sales!

As you can see, it’s all hands on deck at the Michael Taylor Company…we love to have fun, too!  If you or someone you know are considering having a liquidation sale this season, we hope you’ll call us at 615-545-2867…our schedule fills up fast, so don’t wait! Or if you or someone you know is looking for a GREAT job on the best team in town, email those resumes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.…we still have room to grow.

This week we’re offering 25% off of all fine and costume jewelry and watches at Michael Taylor At Home…drop by and see our fabulous selection! And we’ve got two sales in Brentwood this Thurs-Sat. so plan on coming out to shop with us there…tons of deals on fine furniture, rugs, lighting, collectibles and more! Of course, next week is our annual Easter hat contest so we hope y’all are getting those bonnets together. We will have fabulous prizes, guaranteed.

My best,

Michael Taylor And Company