Vintage Style: Unique fashions, now at Michael Taylor At Home!

Love vintage? Us, too! While many of us appreciate the look and style of vintage clothing, it can be intimidating to put together a look that is unique, but wearable. We’re here to help! At Michael Taylor At Home, we have a carefully curated selection of vintage ladies clothing, furs and accessories and we’d love to work with you to find the perfect item for your wardrobe. IMG_4200 Our selection focuses on premium quality garments–things in immaculate condition, with a focus on 1960’s-’70’s era dresses. We hand-select these items; you won’t have to sort through racks of so/so vintage to find a hidden gem….we truly only pick the “good stuff!”


This gold lame maxi dress with fur cuffs is a showstopper; great for winter events!


This evening gown with sequined skirt, fur cuffs and a deep plunge neckline takes glamour to the next level!


We’ve got plenty of summer weather left for this wear-now floral shift. Note the 1960’s-era daisy pin…we stock a terrific selection of vintage costume and fine jewelry, as well.IMG_4203

This shawl-collared full-length black velvet coat dress is perfect for holiday parties and events. You’ve got drama and style for days with this look.


Whether you’re interested in dressy or casual…we’ve got you covered!


The hand-beaded waistband on this late 1960’s era gown is to die for!


Who can resist the drama of this gold brocade caftan? We love it, and you will, too! Come see us this week at Michael Taylor at Home…we’ve got so many great items to help get you ready for the upcoming fall and holiday seasons. Whether it’s a wardrobe update or a home decor refresh you’re looking for, we’ve got ideas and inspiration at the best prices in town.

My best,

Michael Taylor & Company

De-Light-ful Deals: Lighting fixtures are the best value in estate sale shopping

It’s no secret that you can save money by shopping estate sales. Just like cars, most brand-new housewares, furniture and home accessories drop in value once they leave the retail store. At our sales, we sell pre-owned merchandise and thus are able to pass this cost savings along to our customers. But, there are some things that retain their value better than others, and we’re happy to shed some light on that subject! (Pun intended!)


This dramatic crystal chandelier from a recent Brentwood-area sale is a great example. Fixtures of this size, type and quality retail for tens of thousands of dollars at popular lighting retailers.  It’s easy to understand why; the sparkle and drama of a huge crystal chandelier makes a beautiful and timeless statement that instantly upgrades the look of any home.

At our sale, this fixture listed for much less than the retail price, but here’s where the value comes in–it was in the exact same condition as the day it was purchased. Classic ceiling lighting fixtures typically don’t incur much, if any, wear and tear. And lighting fixtures defy trends; this fixture wouldn’t have looked out-of-place 50 years ago, nor is it likely to look dated 50 years from now. Now that’s a deal!

While the condition of some items (for example, fabric-covered furniture) deteriorates with time and use, this isn’t typically true of lighting. An exception would be cords or shades on table lamps. However, replacing wiring or cords on vintage or antique fixtures is a simple matter; cord “kits” are available at Home Depot and a new cord can replace a frayed one in a matter of minutes.  And replacing a shade is easy; we tend to have a lot of them at our sales or big box retailers like Target carry them at low prices.

With the availability and abundance of both ceiling and table lighting fixtures at our sales, we can say with confidence that there’s no reason to ever buy a new lighting fixture.


Here are a few great examples available at Michael Taylor At Home, where we showcase a tremendous variety of table and ceiling fixtures, from contemporary to antique. If you are looking to upgrade the look of your home AND get the most value for your dollar, we cannot recommend starting with lighting strongly enough!

Come see us this week at our 4 great sales in Madison, Old Hickory, Franklin and Thompson’s Station…or at Michael Taylor At Home. We’re happy to help you find a great new light fixture (at a great price!).

My best,

Michael Taylor And Company

Here’s Your Sign! Funny signs you definitely won’t see at our sales…

At Michael Taylor Estate and Moving Sales, we pride ourselves in our best-in-business practices, including our printed signage.

Keeping it classy!

As a professional operation, we hold ourselves to the highest standards but we aren’t above having a laugh with (not at, we respect everyone!) the do-it-yourself-ers who take a lighter approach. Hey, we know better than anyone that putting on a sale is a hard job, and we see the funny side, too. Here are a few signs that we definitely won’t be using, but made us laugh anyway:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

It’ll be huuuuuge! Well, we can’t get political, but it looks like they’ve got some hair-raising deals at this sale…

blog post 1

Hey, it’s Lionel Ritchie…he actually lived here in Nashville when he was recording his country album and we know he’s a fan of local culture, so maybe he’d appreciate a sign like this? Funny stuff, but I think we’ll stick to our standard signs.

Blog post 3

Simpsons fans will appreciate this one. We’ve all had that “take all my money” moment when we see something great at a sale!

blog post 8

Sometimes the truth is…too much?

blog post 5

This one’s for you, Star Wars fans! May the force be with you and help you find amazing treasures at low, low prices!

Photo credit:
Photo credit: Jennifer Allwood,

Just trying to help good ol’ mom out of her hoarder situation! Hope she has a good sense of humor…

blog post 10

We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment behind this one. You deserve it! And we’ve got 5 great sales this week just FULL of amazing stuff…check the listings on our home page for locations, dates and photos. Of special note is our Red Carpet Sale in Manchester, TN–just a short hour’s drive from the Metro area. That sale has a really unusual assortment of chinoiserie, clocks, antiques, glassware, patio furniture and much more.

We can’t wait to see you there….just follow the (informative and professionally printed) signs!

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company


Michael Taylor At Home: Sneak preview of our Gallery update!


Our 9,000 sq ft retail gallery, Michael Taylor At Home, is closed this week for restocking, so it seems like the perfect time to give you a sneak peek of the awesome new stuff that we’ve added to our “modern mix” of fine furniture, antiques, one-of-a-kind vintage finds, artwork and more. If you haven’t been out to our gallery, it’s conveniently located at 478 Allied Drive, 37211, and our normal hours are Thurs.-Sat., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.


Bamboo style furniture is “having a moment” in popular decorating right now; these two occasional chairs are a great example. The hand-knotted oriental rug is one of many in our gallery–we have a large selection of wool and silk oriental rugs in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colors (and at a price that won’t break the bank!). The jade statue is one of several high-quality antique jade pieces that are a gallery feature.


Have a collection you need to display? This dark antique display case would make a dramatic backdrop for bright Fiestaware dishes, or treasured family photos. The antique dolls are just a sampling from an extensive collection we’ve taken on consignment. I think we can say with confidence that we have one of Tennessee’s largest antique doll collections for sale in our Gallery right now; check out the photos on our website for a preview of these special dolls.


The ’70’s are back with this awesome lucite bar chair set. These are absolutely amazing…very Saturday Night Fever!


Here’s another 1970’s-era set that we just love. The soft green tones of the painted wood of this dining room set are gorgeous. We’ve featured ruby glass in the china cabinet, but blue and white china would be pretty, as well. LKRF6240

Have y’all met our glamorous gallery ladies? Well, be sure to drop by and say hey to the best-dressed gals in town. We offer a curated selection of vintage gowns and furs in the Gallery–only the very best of the best from names like Lillie Rubin.  Stand out at your next charity function or holiday event–these dresses are truly amazing.


We specialize in one-of-a-kind vintage items, and these 1960’s era Colorforms toys can’t be beat. For the toy collector, 1960’s enthusiast or nostalgia buff, these would be a great gift item (and we’re closer to the holidays than you think!).


This carved buffet would add vintage style to holiday meals, events and gatherings…you also get a glimpse here of more of our beautiful hand-loomed rugs.

These items are just a small sampling of what’s new-to-us and in store waiting for you.  If you’re looking for specific pieces or if you’re an interior designer shopping for your clients, please consult with gallery manager Jerry when you visit- he’s got a wealth of ideas and resources for you, and would love to assist you in finding the perfect piece for your collection.

Again, the Michael Taylor At Home Gallery is located at 478 Allied Dr, Nashville and open Thurs.-Sat, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Come see us soon!

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company


Summer Tips for Successful Estate Sale Shopping



Ah, the great outdoors! Are you wearing your bug spray and sunscreen?
Ah, an estate sale in the great outdoors! Are you wearing your bug spray and sunscreen?

Is it hot enough for you? Summer is here for sure in Tennessee, and that’s great news for estate sale fans. This time of year boasts the largest number of estate sales, barn sales, tent sales…you name it! There’s lots of shopping fun to be had, but it’s also a time of year when you need to plan ahead and take a few precautions so that you don’t run into trouble when you’re on the hunt for discounted treasures.


Warmer temps mean that sales are held outdoors as well as inside. When you’re picking through items that have been stored in barns or sheds, you might want to bring along a pair of gloves to protect your hands from dirt, rust, splinters…and the occasional spider. A little good planning helps make the experience safer and more fun.

Park smart and avoid trouble! It's worth the effort.
Park smart and avoid trouble! It’s worth the effort.

Estate sale parking can be challenging, especially with larger summertime crowds. Neighborhoods are rarely designed for the influx of vehicles that a sale can attract, and often times people are in a rush to park and get inside to shop. However, it’s important to remember that there’s not ANY deal that’s worth a scraped bumper. Take special care in older neighborhoods with narrow streets (Inglewood) or inside condominium complexes not to park on both sides of the street–there must always be a clear path for emergency vehicles. Summer often brings heavy rains; if an area looks muddy, be extra careful about parking your vehicle!

Yeah, that's how you roll your ankle on the uneven terrain or rickety basement stairs at an estate sale. Wear closed-toed shoes!
Yeah, that’s how you roll an ankle on the uneven lawn or rickety basement stairs at an estate sale.

Can we talk about flip flops? We love our flip flops in the summertime…but they are a hazard at estate sales. Often, older houses have uneven flooring, or steep/slippery/narrow basement and attic stairs. Navigating narrow hallways in a crowd of estate sale shoppers while wearing flip-flops can be dangerous to your toes! Please consider saving the flip flops for the beach, and wear your closed-toed shoes to the sales.

Hydrate, hydrate! We'll have the lemonade waiting for you at our summer sales.
Hydrate, hydrate! We’ll have the lemonade waiting for you at our summer sales.

Summer estate sales are often hot…especially outdoor barn and tent sales! Be sure to stay hydrated in warm weather. We offer complimentary lemonade, coffee and ice water at all of our sales, so please be sure to take advantage of this.

Keep bugs and sunburn at bay!
Keep bugs and sunburn at bay!

If you’re out at estate sales, it’s good to keep a bottle of sunscreen and bug spray handy. With the warmer weather, often times we will have items for sale outdoors; and y’all know that mosquitos are out in force this time of year. A little spray will help keep ’em away!

Join the fun and line up early!
Join the fun and line up early!

If you really want to beat the heat, arrive early. Our sales open at 8:00 a.m., and folks generally start lining up on the first day at about 7:00 a.m. It’s generally as cool outside as it’s going to be at that time, and there are lots of friendly people to chat with in line.  We really do have the best customers and we love seeing them each week!

Check our estate sale listings (link on our home page) for where we’ll be, and come join us for great deals and a glass of lemonade. See you there!

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company


Summer Tablescapes: Using Vintage Finds

Don’t you just love summer? We do! It’s our busiest time of the year, and we’ve got a full schedule of really great estate sales and new treasures arriving at Michael Taylor At Home weekly. Today we thought we’d share with you some fun ideas for setting a summer table using items that are easy to find at our sales or in our retail location. tablesettings3

Vintage mason jars are a staple at our sales–and some older Ball jars are quite collectible! Group several together and fill with water, glass ovals and floating candles for a pretty outdoor accent. Or add lemon slices, rosemary sprigs and a few drops of citronella oil–this looks pretty and is a natural mosquito deterrent.

Vintage books, an old tin, and mason jar vases accent a rustic dining room table...chic and easy!
Vintage books, an old tin, and mason jar vases accent a rustic dining room table…chic and easy!

Old books and vintage tins are inexpensive and easy to find at our sales, and add height and interest to a tablescape. Pick up a small, decorative plant and voila! Here mason jars are used as drinking glasses–one more use for them.


Vintage china is beautiful and a tremendous buy at estate sales–our sales are literally full of china place settings at very affordable prices.  Don’t be intimidated by the fragile look of these pieces! China is meant to be used and enjoyed, and is easy to incorporate into casual dining.  Here we have a basket full of mix-and-match small plates on a dessert buffet. What an easy, fun presentation…not fussy at all!


Here’s a wedding table centerpiece using silver plate (Michael Taylor At Home has a great selection of silver plate serving pieces!), old books, a china coffee pot, etc. Groupings of dissimilar objects can look great together. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


This beautiful table is set with mix-and-match china. It looks like a million bucks, right? Lots of colorful, creative vintage style. Fun fact: we’ve had brides shop with us to find enough mix-and-match china to set tables for weddings of 200+ guests. We just love helping customers bring their events to life…and isn’t it fun to imagine someone’s old china set being used for a fabulous celebration like a wedding? Mixing and matching takes away that “too fancy!” factor…and brings in a lot of old-world charm.

Need help locating pieces like these? Please feel free to ask any of our staff at our sales to help you find items like any you’ve seen here–we’d love to help you with your treasure hunt! Photos of our sales are updated weekly in the estate sale listings tab, found on the home page of this website. Or you can find similar items at Michael Taylor At Home, open 10-5, Thurs. thru Sat., at 478 Allied Dr.

Happy shopping, and we hope to see you soon!

Michael Taylor and Company


Behind the Scenes: Setting the Sale!

Believe it or not, this closet will be clean, organized and ready to shop in a few short days!
Where’s Waldo?? Believe it or not, this closet will be clean, organized and ready to shop in a few short days!

It’s no secret that we host some of Nashville’s largest estate and moving sales. While many local firms also handle single family homes, our area of specialization–and we really shine here!–is in liquidating the contents of larger properties. We have the experience, staff volume and knowledge to set even the largest of sales in 3-4 days. One of the most frequently asked questions we get from estate sale clients is, “Will you be ready to go on time?” because they can’t believe that we can clean, organize and set up large and complicated sales in such a short time frame. But, we get it done!


Supplies are key, and we bring them to each sale. Cleaning supplies, trash bags, light bulbs, extra lighting, air fresheners…we bring it all in and get right to work!

Sometimes treasure, sometimes trash. We sort it out!
Sometimes treasure, sometimes trash. We sort it out!

Every sale has some items that need to be thrown out to ensure that the property is clean and the areas in the home are shopable. Some homes will have larger items in need of disposal; in these cases, we call in a dumpster to make clean-up easier.


And then once the cleaning is done, we start setting the sale. All furniture, accessories, etc. are arranged and priced for easy shopping.

This guy! (Hey, we've got to have a little fun...)
This guy! (Hey, we’ve got to have a little fun…)

And once the sale is all set, we try out the bathtubs! Ha ha…no, we totally do NOT do that; our fearless leader, Michael Taylor, is just joking around in there.

Tool guy/gal alert!
Tool guy/gal alert!

This particular sale (located in Brentwood, TN, starting Friday, 7/1 and running through Monday 7/4) has something for everyone–from antiques to Craftsmen tools and cabinets.

Need glassware, crystal or barware? We've gotcha covered!
Need glassware, crystal or barware? We’ve gotcha covered!

We’ll have tons of glassware, crystal and bar accessories. The homeowner was a former antique dealer, as well, so we have some really great antiques.


Lighting, candlesticks and crystal pieces are a special feature of this sale.

You are definitely going to need a ladder to reach the top shelf!
You are definitely going to need a ladder to reach the top shelf, Michael!

Not to mention, these 12-foot tall cabinets (set of 2). Michael is in the photo to provide scale; he’s well over 6 ft tall. These are huge cabinets!


More china, glassware and lighting! This really is a huge sale. Antique dealers, take note!


Plus, we’re selling a boat. Boats, cars, jet skis…if the seller has a clear title, we’re always happy to add it to the sale! These items usually move VERY fast, so be there early if you’re looking for a vehicle or watercraft.


Our last step before opening a sale is to get out our signage…after that, we’re open for business and ready to go!

Information and more photos about this Brentwood-area sale are available under the “Estate Sale Listings” tab on the home page of our website. It’s truly a don’t-miss sale and we look forward to seeing you there!

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

Tullahoma Red Carpet Event: June 2016
Tullahoma Red Carpet Event: June 2016

It’s no secret that we love to spoil our customers. It’s why we are happy to pour you a cup of hot Starbucks coffee when you’ve been waiting for an hour for an estate sale to open, or why we always have lemonade and ice water to take the edge off that summer heat. It’s why we have cookies and animal crackers (for the kids, but we see adults indulging from time to time!). It’s why we provide bathrooms at each of our sales, and give a special discount code each week to email subscribers. We really like you guys, and we feel that it’s important to go the extra mile to show you that we value your business.

So, we’ve come up with a special way to reward customers in our 100 and 500 clubs. A few times a year, when we have a sale that we think is really over-the-top, we have a Red Carpet Preview Event. At this event, we invite our top customers to come and shop early, with a special discount.


The park-like setting of this pretty Tullahoma home made it an ideal location to host our best customers. Don’t you just want to sit a spell in one of those chairs?


While the outside is beautiful, the collection of antiques, Gone-with-the-Wind lamps, fine furnishings, wicker, china, country music-themed collectables and more made the inside much more interesting to our shoppers. For this special event, held on the evening prior to sale opening, we offer a discount of 25%…no special code needed!


Michael greets guests personally at the door. We were so glad that some of our Nashville friends made the short, scenic drive to Tullahoma.


Of course, we figured that folks might be a little bit thirsty after their drive…we served Lynchberg Lemonade, in honor of the nearby Jack Daniels distillery.


And a delicious BBQ dinner with all the trimmings. A great time was had by all!


Many thanks to everyone who came! And if you’re wondering just how to wrangle an invitation to future Red Carpet Events, becoming a member of our 100 or 500 club is easy. Just make a purchase totaling $100 at one of our sales, and our cashier will sign you up. Same for our 500 club–make a purchase totaling $500 and our cashier will sign you up. You will receive email notifications/invitations to future Red Carpet Events; we hold several a year, so if you miss one, no worries! We’ll hold another soon.


Here’s another photo of some of the furniture included in the sale. The sale is now open daily to the public from 8am-3pm through Saturday, 6/24.


Lots of great small items, too! It’s really worth the trip.

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company

Collecting with Michael Taylor: Chinese Jade and Chinoiserie Chic

Every collector has their special area of interest, and we can’t get enough of carved jade. Antique or modern, the timeless beauty of jade has proved hard to resist.  We have some truly magnificent 19th and 20th century pieces in Gallery I.

Jade has been prized throughout the ages for its durability and beauty and historically significant pieces of carved jade abound in museums and in private collections.

Most Chinese jade today comes from the northwestern province of Xinjiang.

Color varies from white, to yellow, to dark green and all shades in between. The neutral tones of jade pieces blend into both traditional and contemporary décor.

We also love chinoiserie art, furniture and accents and feature several large carvings, vases and cabinets in Gallery I.

Whether you are a fan of chinoiserie chic, or are just looking for authentic and interesting art to fill your home, we have a fabulous selection. Please come by and ask manager Jerry for a personal tour of our jade pieces; he’d be happy to show you what we’ve got in stock.

Also, this week we’re offering a 25% discount on all accessories in Gallery I, which includes jewelry and home décor.

We’re open Thurs.-Sat., 10am-5pm, or by appointment. We’ll see you soon!

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and the struggle is real. What to get good old Dad? He’s probably got enough barbeque grill paraphernalia, neck ties, travel mugs and “Our Dad’s The Greatest!” t-shirts, right?

This year, take your gifting game up a notch with something different, unique and totally unexpected. We’ve got some great stuff that he’ll never see coming.

Is Dad a classy guy? How about one of these two new-in-box Yema brand stainless steel watches for 20% off $125?  Yema is a French subsidiary of Seiko and known for European quality and style. Or is Dad more of a fan of classic rock?  This vintage Boston logo belt buckle will take him back to his rocker dude days. Hey, he’s still cool! (right??) It’s 20% off $20. And, we don’t condone smoking, but this antique cigarette/cigar box would make for a fantastic desktop catchall box for Dad’s spare change and receipts.

If he’s an outdoorsman, how about this hand-carved and hand-painted duck decoy? It’s a great accent piece for his office or man cave, and 20% off of $345. Speaking of the great outdoors, campers will love this vintage multi-purpose utensil set for 20% off of $45. Plus, we offer an assortment of vintage and antique pocket knives and lighters and we’ve got great examples at a variety of price points; ask gallery manager Jerry to help you find just the right piece.

If the Dad in your life is a guy who loves the History Channel, how about this merchant marine certificate; an interesting piece of Titanic-related memorabilia for 20% off of $95? Or, wish him luck with these carved jade elephants, 20% off of $125.  Another idea is to add a vintage Coke bottle caddy with the original bottles to his bar or Coke collection, 20% off $150.

Whether you’re shopping for Dad, or looking to decorate your interior spaces, we’d love to see you this week at Michael Taylor at Home!

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company