We’re Making Changes in 2018!

thank you

We’re changing things up in 2018, and one of the BIG changes that we’re making is to migrate our brick-and-mortar sales to an on-line platform. This does mean that we will be closing our retail location at 478 Allied Drive, but you will still be able to shop from us on-line. Of course, we are still Nashville’s leading estate and moving sale company (and we’ve got some tremendous sales coming up, no worries there!) and our sales have always been our main focus.

Our retail store was so much fun, and it allowed us to interact with many of you more often and in a different format than our estate and moving sales. So, we just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for the memories!

IMG_7143 (1)

We started out showcasing fabulous antiques, but before long, we added a vintage clothing boutique with some of the best retro threads in town!


And All Dog Nashville was a great project…we loved meeting our pet-loving customers and their dogs and bringing a truly unique mix of items to Nashville.


From all of us to all of you…thanks for shopping with us, thanks for the fun times, and thanks for making our 2+ years of a brick-and-mortar store experience just great! We’ll keep seeing you at our sales, and you can keep shopping with us on our website, as well.


Great teammates, great workers, great friends, great deals…and lots of fun! We’re thankful for the good times and looking forward to more in 2018.

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company