In the Spotlight: Vintage Art Glass


Art glass has long held a special place in collectors’ hearts. The vibrant colors and beautiful shapes add beauty and style to tables and shelves. We have a wonderful and diverse collection of art glass at Michael Taylor At Home; from vintage to contemporary.


This gorgeous ruby carnival glass bowl is a stunning piece. Wondering how to identify carnival glass? Look for a molded or pressed glass piece with a pattern that has a shiny, iridescent, almost metallic surface. Carnival glass reached it’s height of popularity in the 1920’s; most US-made carnival glass was manufactured between 1925-31, although the Fenton glass company re-issued pieces in the 1970’s. It was also known as: aurora glass, dope glass, rainbow glass, taffeta glass and “poor man’s Tiffany.”

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It was inspired by hand-blown glassware made by Tiffany and Steuben, but because it was pressed or molded, sold at a lower price point. Discounted pieces were purchased in lots for carnival prizes; thus the name “carnival glass.”


Here’s another piece we have in stock; you can see the rainbow brilliance of the iridescent glaze. Very pretty!


Fenton issued re-productions of their carnival glass pieces in the 1970’s. These later pieces were marked; earlier pieces had an identifying sticker that was often removed, but they were otherwise unmarked. While the older pieces are definitely on the more valuable/collectible side, later or reproduction pieces are easily affordable. We have several great pieces of carnival glass in stock…if you’re a collector or looking to become one, we can help you out.


The popularity of carnival glass waned in the 1940’s, and opaque colored glass became popular. Pink was a very popular color for art glass in the 1940’s and 1950’s. These rose overlay pieces have a beautiful satin finish.


Blue glass is a particular favorite at Michael Taylor At Home; Michael personally collects this color, and has a great eye for blue glass pieces, both antique and contemporary.


Cranberry glass is lovely, as well, and looks especially pretty at Christmas time.


This special pink and white vase with autumn leaves and acorns is one of a pair. You can take home both for $895; they are perfect for fall decorating.

We’re open Thursday thru Saturday, 10am-5pm this week. We’d love to show you these fabulous art glass pieces, and all the rest of the fine furniture, antiques, rugs, lighting, furs, jewelry and home accessories we’re known for! Come down and see us soon, won’t you?

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