Vintage Furs for Fall

While the weather may still be hot, the calendar is moving along towards cooler weather. Fall/winter will be here before we know it, and now is a great time to start the hunt for the perfect vintage fur coat!

Vintage mink stroller coat, $1,700.00
Vintage mink stroller coat, $1,700.00. Available now at Michael Taylor At Home.

Like new cars and new furniture, new fur coats lose about half their value once they leave the store. If you want to enjoy the luxury and look of fur, but are hesitant to pay that full retail price? Vintage fur has all the style at a fraction of the cost.

While the purchasing of fur is controversial to some, unlike new furs, older furs don’t directly contribute to the profits of modern fur farms. A vintage fur is a durable coat that last for decades, unlike many “fast fashion” alternatives or faux furs that are made from petrochemicals.


Here’s a silver fox jacket we featured at one of our recent estate sales. While we always stock a selection of high-end furs at our Michael Taylor At Home retail store, you will also find furs at our sales thoughout the year. The most desirable vintage furs come from the late 1940’s thru the 1980’s. Pre-’40’s furs are often in delicate condition or suffer from improper storage issues, but a well-cared-for fur from a later era will retain all of it’s original look and value.


Here’s another gorgeous estate sale find–a mink jacket with a shawl collar. Keep in mind that vintage fur can be altered or tailored; if you find the perfect fur at an estate sale and the fit is not quite right, there are local fur stores that offer alterations or restyling services. Even with the cost of alterations, you’re still saving a considerable amount of money over retail by purchasing a vintage fur coat.


Another estate sale coat with an elaborate wide collar–fur fashions vary over the years, so whether you are looking for old-world glamour or a funky 1970’s version, there are vintage furs that will suit your style!

Looking for your perfect fur coat? Check our estate sale listings weekly–we always feature photos of furs if they are available in our sales (we average several/week). Or, come by Michael Taylor At Home and ask manager Jerry to show you what we’ve got in stock right now–we are always taking in new pieces, so if you haven’t visited lately, come see what’s new!

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