The Antique Bed Dilemma: How do I find a queen-sized antique bed?


At Michael Taylor At Home, we sell a lot of antique, vintage and fine furniture! As a dealer in older furniture, we come across a large number of full-sized beds. If you are a vintage afficionado, you will know that queen and king sized beds were not manufactured until the late 1950’s. Prior to that time, the largest standard bed size was the double or “full” sized bed, thus the large number and variety of pre-1950’s beds that are too small for our modern tastes.

If you prefer an antique or vintage bed, but require a queen rather than a full size, don’t be discouraged! With very few exceptions, a full-sized bed frame can be extended or adjusted to accommodate a queen mattress and box springs.

How, you may ask? Every bed is slightly different, but most frames can be lengthened with the use of an extender kit and/or extended rails. A variety of these can be found on, or at local mattress stores. A simple search on YouTube brings up a variety of videos on how to alter a vintage bed frame to accommodate a larger mattress set. It’s definitely a project that a do-it-yourself-er could tackle with ease!


This antique full-sized bed frame is in stock now…the tall headboard would be a great statement piece in a rustic country/shabby chic bedroom, wouldn’t it? The natural wood of this bed is very pretty, but it would also look great with a chippy, chalk-painted treatment.


Here’s another in-stock antique bed with a beautiful headboard and foot board.  With an extender kit, the original side rails and slats for this bed will not be able to be used, but they could be stored in case the owner would ever want to return the bed to it’s original full-sized configuration. Some people are hesitant to alter antique pieces, but we feel that unless the piece is truly a museum quality or one-of-a-kind antique…furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed in our daily life, according to our current needs. If that means changing out a pair of bed rails to accommodate a larger mattress, then do so and enjoy giving new life to a beautiful bed frame!


This poster bed by Davis Cabinet company is a gorgeous full-sized bed that would look great with traditional or country-style decor.


Here’s a simpler poster bed frame, also full-sized…but would fit a queen mattress set perfectly with the addition of an extender kit/rails.


If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your bedroom, or have always wanted an antique bed frame but could never figure out how to make it work…come by Michael Taylor At Home and talk to manager, Jerry, about what we’ve got in stock and how they might be altered to work with a queen mattress set. We have lots of options and ideas!

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Michael Taylor & Company

Vintage Furs for Fall

While the weather may still be hot, the calendar is moving along towards cooler weather. Fall/winter will be here before we know it, and now is a great time to start the hunt for the perfect vintage fur coat!

Vintage mink stroller coat, $1,700.00
Vintage mink stroller coat, $1,700.00. Available now at Michael Taylor At Home.

Like new cars and new furniture, new fur coats lose about half their value once they leave the store. If you want to enjoy the luxury and look of fur, but are hesitant to pay that full retail price? Vintage fur has all the style at a fraction of the cost.

While the purchasing of fur is controversial to some, unlike new furs, older furs don’t directly contribute to the profits of modern fur farms. A vintage fur is a durable coat that last for decades, unlike many “fast fashion” alternatives or faux furs that are made from petrochemicals.


Here’s a silver fox jacket we featured at one of our recent estate sales. While we always stock a selection of high-end furs at our Michael Taylor At Home retail store, you will also find furs at our sales thoughout the year. The most desirable vintage furs come from the late 1940’s thru the 1980’s. Pre-’40’s furs are often in delicate condition or suffer from improper storage issues, but a well-cared-for fur from a later era will retain all of it’s original look and value.


Here’s another gorgeous estate sale find–a mink jacket with a shawl collar. Keep in mind that vintage fur can be altered or tailored; if you find the perfect fur at an estate sale and the fit is not quite right, there are local fur stores that offer alterations or restyling services. Even with the cost of alterations, you’re still saving a considerable amount of money over retail by purchasing a vintage fur coat.


Another estate sale coat with an elaborate wide collar–fur fashions vary over the years, so whether you are looking for old-world glamour or a funky 1970’s version, there are vintage furs that will suit your style!

Looking for your perfect fur coat? Check our estate sale listings weekly–we always feature photos of furs if they are available in our sales (we average several/week). Or, come by Michael Taylor At Home and ask manager Jerry to show you what we’ve got in stock right now–we are always taking in new pieces, so if you haven’t visited lately, come see what’s new!

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Michael Taylor and Company

Estate Jewelry: Whether your style is vintage or modern, deals abound!

One of the “hidden gems” (pun intended!) of estate sale shopping is fine and costume jewelry. When you buy new jewelry at a fine jewelry store, you are also paying for the retail markup, designer name, etc.

By buying used, you are getting a much better deal. We have a great selection of jewelry at most of our sales, but we also feature gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces at Michael Taylor At Home. All the jewelry in this blog post is available NOW at Michael Taylor At Home…and for this week only, it’s 30% off!


These opal rings are stunning! The ring on the left is $495, and the ring on the right is $525….and remember, take 30% off!


This antique carved chinoiserie necklace is a beautiful neutral accent piece. At $195 (less 30%!), it would be fabulous with boho chic or traditional outfits for fall.


Here’s a statement necklace for the modern gal! Designed by Margaret Ellis, a local jewelry designer, this unique piece is $250 (less 30%). So fun and different, right?


If you’re a Margaret Ellis fan/collector, or just someone who enjoys contemporary or locally-made jewelry, look no further! We’ve got a wide selection of earrings in the $50-$75 range. They make fabulous gifts…and keep in mind, the holidays will be here before you know it.


Speaking of holidays, here’s a ring that puts us in mind of Halloween. It’s a “poison ring” with a small chamber underneath the gem. Just $75! We’re not responsible for any trouble you get up to with this ring…just sayin’!


Isn’t this turquoise and 14K gold filigree ring gorgeous? Turquoise and gold is such a pretty combination. $295…but 30% off this week!


We have lots of fun, chunky statement necklaces in the $30 range. Gold tones are just the thing for fall…why not change up your look with a piece that’s really unique? (And at 30% off, it won’t break the bank!)


We also feature watches, including this Anne Klein gold and silver toned Swiss watch for $75.

The 30% off jewelry sale is this week only at Michael Taylor At Home; please come down and let manager Jerry show you our fabulous inventory of estate pieces at great prices!

My best,

Michael Taylor & Co.


Vintage Style: Unique fashions, now at Michael Taylor At Home!

Love vintage? Us, too! While many of us appreciate the look and style of vintage clothing, it can be intimidating to put together a look that is unique, but wearable. We’re here to help! At Michael Taylor At Home, we have a carefully curated selection of vintage ladies clothing, furs and accessories and we’d love to work with you to find the perfect item for your wardrobe. IMG_4200 Our selection focuses on premium quality garments–things in immaculate condition, with a focus on 1960’s-’70’s era dresses. We hand-select these items; you won’t have to sort through racks of so/so vintage to find a hidden gem….we truly only pick the “good stuff!”


This gold lame maxi dress with fur cuffs is a showstopper; great for winter events!


This evening gown with sequined skirt, fur cuffs and a deep plunge neckline takes glamour to the next level!


We’ve got plenty of summer weather left for this wear-now floral shift. Note the 1960’s-era daisy pin…we stock a terrific selection of vintage costume and fine jewelry, as well.IMG_4203

This shawl-collared full-length black velvet coat dress is perfect for holiday parties and events. You’ve got drama and style for days with this look.


Whether you’re interested in dressy or casual…we’ve got you covered!


The hand-beaded waistband on this late 1960’s era gown is to die for!


Who can resist the drama of this gold brocade caftan? We love it, and you will, too! Come see us this week at Michael Taylor at Home…we’ve got so many great items to help get you ready for the upcoming fall and holiday seasons. Whether it’s a wardrobe update or a home decor refresh you’re looking for, we’ve got ideas and inspiration at the best prices in town.

My best,

Michael Taylor & Company

De-Light-ful Deals: Lighting fixtures are the best value in estate sale shopping

It’s no secret that you can save money by shopping estate sales. Just like cars, most brand-new housewares, furniture and home accessories drop in value once they leave the retail store. At our sales, we sell pre-owned merchandise and thus are able to pass this cost savings along to our customers. But, there are some things that retain their value better than others, and we’re happy to shed some light on that subject! (Pun intended!)


This dramatic crystal chandelier from a recent Brentwood-area sale is a great example. Fixtures of this size, type and quality retail for tens of thousands of dollars at popular lighting retailers.  It’s easy to understand why; the sparkle and drama of a huge crystal chandelier makes a beautiful and timeless statement that instantly upgrades the look of any home.

At our sale, this fixture listed for much less than the retail price, but here’s where the value comes in–it was in the exact same condition as the day it was purchased. Classic ceiling lighting fixtures typically don’t incur much, if any, wear and tear. And lighting fixtures defy trends; this fixture wouldn’t have looked out-of-place 50 years ago, nor is it likely to look dated 50 years from now. Now that’s a deal!

While the condition of some items (for example, fabric-covered furniture) deteriorates with time and use, this isn’t typically true of lighting. An exception would be cords or shades on table lamps. However, replacing wiring or cords on vintage or antique fixtures is a simple matter; cord “kits” are available at Home Depot and a new cord can replace a frayed one in a matter of minutes.  And replacing a shade is easy; we tend to have a lot of them at our sales or big box retailers like Target carry them at low prices.

With the availability and abundance of both ceiling and table lighting fixtures at our sales, we can say with confidence that there’s no reason to ever buy a new lighting fixture.


Here are a few great examples available at Michael Taylor At Home, where we showcase a tremendous variety of table and ceiling fixtures, from contemporary to antique. If you are looking to upgrade the look of your home AND get the most value for your dollar, we cannot recommend starting with lighting strongly enough!

Come see us this week at our 4 great sales in Madison, Old Hickory, Franklin and Thompson’s Station…or at Michael Taylor At Home. We’re happy to help you find a great new light fixture (at a great price!).

My best,

Michael Taylor And Company