New Vs. Vintage

Decorating can be daunting, to say the least. Big box furniture retailers and chain stores offer the concept of “buying the room”, where they sell you a matching set of trendy new furniture for discount prices. One-stop-shopping, right?

We aren’t opposed to trends, or new furniture, but we find that there are several key reasons to consider purchasing vintage, antique or estate items rather than defaulting to a room-to-go.

1. What goes around, comes around. Mid-century modern styles that were popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s are once again popular. Knockoffs of 1950’s dressers, dining room sets and coffee tables abound in popular furniture stores; both low and high-end. But guess what? There’s a lot of authentic mid-century styled items—the real deal!—on the market in estate sales and in antique stores. We see them weekly in our estate sales and feature them at Michael Taylor At Home.

2. Quality matters. Antique or vintage fine furniture is often made with quality hardwoods like cherry, maple, and oak, whereas cheaper new furniture is frequently made of pine, pressed wood, or laminates. Older furniture is often put together with dovetailed joints, a feature that adds strength to drawers. New furniture is often constructed with cheaper methods. While some antiques can be delicate, there’s a reason so many have survived for so long!

3. It’s really not more expensive. Remember our warehouse clearance sale this year, where we had deals up to 75% off? Here at the Michael Taylor Company, we challenge the belief that antiques or vintage furniture is “too pricey”.  Local antique dealers shop our estate sales to stock their booths and stores; but anyone can get those deals and save on the antique store mark-up! If estate sales aren’t your thing, our retail store provides 6,000 sq ft of shopping with a convenient location and hours that work for busy people.

4. It’s green. Reduce, reuse, recycle…right?  When you buy antique or vintage rather than new, you’re making a great decision for the environment. Purchasing existing items rather than supporting the manufacture and sale of new is one of the ways that you help conserve our planet’s resources. Not to mention…you’re supporting local jobs and small business in the community in which you live. Who doesn’t feel good about that?

5. Vintage tells stories. While none of us want to live in a museum, having a few items in your home that tell the story of an earlier era can spark conversation with your guests, or bring back memories. People often point out items in our estate sales and gallery and remark that their grandparents had a similar one. Things from earlier times remind us of family, days gone by, and where we come from, create a special environment. As they say…home is where the heart is!

Ready to shop yet? We’ve got 5 great estate sales this week in Franklin, Brentwood, Clarksville (glad to be back in Clarksville, we love our Clarksville shoppers!) and metro Nashville. Thanks to everyone who came out last week to Michael Taylor At Home for our huge semiannual warehouse sale; this week we will be closed to re-set and refresh our Gallery I and Gallery II spaces with new-to-us inventory. And congrats to Matt Mercy, winner of our $350 gift certificate. We’ll be doing more giveaways this summer so if you didn’t win, stay tuned for future opportunities!

In next week’s blog post, we’ll have lots of Father’s Day gift ideas. You know he’s got all the barbeque grill accessories and neckties he can handle…we’ll help you find something unique and different!

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company