Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and the struggle is real. What to get good old Dad? He’s probably got enough barbeque grill paraphernalia, neck ties, travel mugs and “Our Dad’s The Greatest!” t-shirts, right?

This year, take your gifting game up a notch with something different, unique and totally unexpected. We’ve got some great stuff that he’ll never see coming.

Is Dad a classy guy? How about one of these two new-in-box Yema brand stainless steel watches for 20% off $125?  Yema is a French subsidiary of Seiko and known for European quality and style. Or is Dad more of a fan of classic rock?  This vintage Boston logo belt buckle will take him back to his rocker dude days. Hey, he’s still cool! (right??) It’s 20% off $20. And, we don’t condone smoking, but this antique cigarette/cigar box would make for a fantastic desktop catchall box for Dad’s spare change and receipts.

If he’s an outdoorsman, how about this hand-carved and hand-painted duck decoy? It’s a great accent piece for his office or man cave, and 20% off of $345. Speaking of the great outdoors, campers will love this vintage multi-purpose utensil set for 20% off of $45. Plus, we offer an assortment of vintage and antique pocket knives and lighters and we’ve got great examples at a variety of price points; ask gallery manager Jerry to help you find just the right piece.

If the Dad in your life is a guy who loves the History Channel, how about this merchant marine certificate; an interesting piece of Titanic-related memorabilia for 20% off of $95? Or, wish him luck with these carved jade elephants, 20% off of $125.  Another idea is to add a vintage Coke bottle caddy with the original bottles to his bar or Coke collection, 20% off $150.

Whether you’re shopping for Dad, or looking to decorate your interior spaces, we’d love to see you this week at Michael Taylor at Home!

My best,

Michael Taylor and Company